Some of you have asked me "where do you get your designs from? What is the process that's done to make them?"

So I thought i'd share a little insight:

1) I design the designs myself

2) I print them on a vinyl cutter machine which traces the designs i've made on the computer and cuts them.

3) I peel the vinyl layers off ready for printing

4) Align prints on garment and heat-press


This process is done individually for every single order I receive.

I would just like to extend my deepest thank you to everyone who has purchased an item because not only are you having your say and expressing how you feel out loud you are also helping me cope with my relapse of depression due to lockdowns by keeping my body and mind occupied for hours. Creativity is the only way I know how to express my grief and suffering. Whether you know it or not, you ARE making a difference - more than you even know.